The Fastest Ship

The Fastest Ship


larita1At the close of the Golden Age of Sail…
Elusive pirate Captain McGwyer left a trail of abduction and murder throughout the Caribbean. But the HMS Griswald, a British Royal Navy frigate, rescued one of his victims, a young girl named Elena. She was destined to marry the Captain, the man who would also build the HMS Warrior, England’s first ironclad warship.

Now Warrior’s maiden voyage to the Caribbean will solve the mysteries of a lost treasure and a lost memory. Sail the Caribbean and the Atlantic in this tale of high adventure, romance, and technological revolution.

Author:  Larita Arnold
ISBN:  0-9774849-0-4 (Global Distribution: 1-4116-3950-2)
LCCN:  2005907476
Pages:  224
Edition:  Second
Published in Softcover Only
Price:  $9.95 Retail
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